Sebastiaan Knot



Sebastiaan Knot, born in 1970 in Groningen, Netherlands, working and living in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Knot specializes in creating vibrant geometric abstract works that uniquely challenge the viewer's perception. Working primarily with light as a medium, Knot has emerged as a luminary in the field, pushing the boundaries of traditional photography and artistic expression.

Knot's work center around the exploration of light and color, with a notable series being "Colliding Colors." This ongoing project delves into the complex interplay between colors of light and their profound impact on human perception. Knot's distinctive style is characterized by a harmonious blend of hues, creating visually stunning compositions that captivate audiences and evoke a heightened awareness of the intricacies of color relationships. His work stands as a testament to his mastery of form, as he consistently strives to unravel the mysteries of color dynamics.

Sebastiaan Knot's influence extends globally, with his works prominently featured in prestigious exhibitions and collections. Notable among these is the "Vasarely Legacy" exhibition in collaboration with Fondation Vasarely in Annet sur Marne, France. Furthermore, Knot's pieces have found a permanent place in the Maasstad Hospital in Rotterdam, Netherlands, as well as the Fontainebleau in Las Vegas, United States, alongside various private collections worldwide. His participation in acclaimed events such as the Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Art Miami in the United States and his work resonating with audiences and collectors alike further solidifies Knot's position in the international art scene.